What to do  with Facial hair.

What to do with facial hair.

I have facial hair and i absolutely hate it. I see girls with clear skin etc and I want it too :'(
I worry about how I look from top to bottom just like many other girls. What can I do about my facial hair? Its really dark black on my cheeks.. what would you reconmend.. please tell me something that wont make more hair come back.. btw i'm 17 and asian (pakistani)
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Threading work very effectively and is very gentle on the dermis (skin) preventing you to jeopardize the skins elasticity. Be aware the first time is the hardest!
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I used the cream by Sally Hansen, which I find to work pretty well and effectively. It's really easy to use and does what it says. It does stink a little bit, however, and may sting a little if you have sensitive skin.
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threading is great. It's extremely sanitary, really clean (no mess at all), and does not tug on your skin (like waxing does, which can cause wrinkles)
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I've recently tried body sugaring and love it. Maybe look into that. It's all natural ingredients.
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waxing will probably be best 4 ur skin.
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avan facial hair remover 1 aweek
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Threading is the best option bc it will get rid of the hair for a short while and it won't break your skin out or irritate it. Plus, if you keep threading, some people, including myself, noticed that the hair grew back thinner and less!
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I would recommend waxing. Laser hair removal is another option. My friend did it on her face and she's Indian with darker skin.
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nair hair remover ?
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I'd go to a salon and get a professional waxing if I were you. That will last a while :p
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