What skin cleaner works best?

Right now I'm using Clearasil face wipes. I was wondering what cleanser works the best. Please help me!!!!! If what you think is the best isn't in the votes, I'm sorry, please write in the comments!!!!


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Sea Breeze

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I can't really top @GoodFaith's answer, but I use Clean and Clear face wash as well as pimple spot treatment. I've used Clearasil before too and liked it, and Sea Breeze made me smile. I used that in grade school and junior high. :) This comment has been removed.
Thank you so much @ GoodFaith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This comment has been removed.
As a Licensed Esthetician, I can tell you skincare products are not a "one size fits all". What may work for one person, may not work as well for you- and so forth. If you're having problems with breakouts, exfoliation is key. However, over-exfoliation can lead to other problems-such as dryness & irritation. I think Neutrogena makes a lot of good products for acne & they're reasonable priced. So, give those a try. Also change your pillowcase frequently & wipe down your cell phone. This comment has been removed.
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