what should i use for the spots on my face

What should i use for the spots on my face

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Spots really reduce your beauty......
To get rid of them try this....:;
Mix a little honey in juice of one lemon. Apply it on the desired areas. Leave on for 15 mins. Rinse.
Do it twice a week you'll see the difference.
Another thing that you can do is apply some Vitamin E oil on the spots at night and rinse off in the morning.
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Glycolic acid (an all natural acid made from sugar cane extract) is the best thing to use to unclog pores that are causing existing acne, and to also help with the PIH (post inflammatory hiperpigmentation) scarring. This is the deep purple or dark coloring that is left behind for a while, after the pimple itself has gone away. Target has a great at-home-kit with a low % for non-professional use. It's under the Boots collection No.7 Ask a sales associate to help you find it. It runs about $25 and you will get a number of uses from it. If I were you, I would perform one a week-at night. Because the acid can make the skin sensitive to the sun. You need to be wearing a sunscreen during the day, when you use this product, but you should be doing that anyway. If you keep using the glycolic acid, you're going to love the smooth softness that it leaves you with.
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well to cover them up use concealer but if you want to get rid of them, put sudocream on them and leave on overnight or through the day, it really helps!
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