What should i use for my skin to remove undar eye dark cirlcles

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tea bags work wonders! just boil them then leave in a fridge for 2 hours take them out and leave on your eyes for an hour at least your eyes will feel amazingly rested and the dark circles will dissapear after couple of uses.
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Eye cream is great. I heard that if you look for an eye cream with caffeine as one of the listed ingredients, it'll work well to help reduce dark under eye circles. Concealer is also a good alternative to cover it up.
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soak cotton balls in cold rose water and place them on ur eyes for five to ten minutes. do this regularly and get proper sleep. good luck
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Also you can use Michelle Phan's method! She did something with cucumbers and i tried it out and i just have to use moisturizer and concealer sometimes but not as much because of her method! Try it and it will work if you do it right!!!! =) ~Kassidy~
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I use a concealer from elf and it works wonderful on me because it hides all of my dark spots. I think you should use a good moisturizer then either a foundation that matches your skin tone or a good concealer that matches your skin tone! Please use my advice because it may work! Thanks!!! ~Kassidy~
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I would recommend an eye cream this will help with dark circles along with keeping the eye hydrated too.

Also you could use a concealer for additional coverage.
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cucumber, potatoes or just use concealer:)
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Use cucumber :) Works best for me.
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