What should I do with my uneven skin tone?

What should i do with my uneven skin tone?

I have fair skin. My neck has an ivory tone and my face is very pinkish. Thanks for your advice.
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I would use a lilac conclear as it takes the pink out or redness . Xxx
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If you use a green face primer or concealer on your red areas before you apply your foundation this will help get rid of that pinkish red colour .. Smash box and hd are both good primers but a little on the pricey side and you can get them at sephora
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Thanks so much to everybody, very good advice. You've helped me :)
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Agree with cece. Instead of finding a foundation that matches your general face complexion, look for one that matches your neck as well (otherwise you'll end up with two-toned face and neck colors with an obvious split at the jawline). Warm shades will counterbalance the pink, so look for colors in the warm range.
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A powder with a cream finish will most likely work well and give you good coverage. If you have really red areas, try using a concealer first.
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You can wear a golden/warm tone foundation or powder to even out the pink/red tones in your face. There are also redness treatments that will help to eliminate redness over time. Hope this helps!
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Find a foundation that works best for your skin tone to even out redness or different skin spots. For fair skin, make sure you don't use a color that's too light since it's to provide coverage. Try out the makeover tool section to try and see what shade might match best!
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