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What should i do with my skin?!

Hi , i have REALLY bad skin! , im v lucky to not experience spot problems BUT i do have v pale , v dry , blotchy skin! ive tried EVERY foundation (Makes me look orange and sticks to dry patches!) and tinted moisturizer (Dosent cover and sometimes sticks to patches!) i have tried EVERY moisturizer out there with no luck! , drink up to 6 liter water a day! , exercise daily and nothing! it never changes , ive been refused a referral to a dermo so thats out so what would you reccomend? PLEASE HELP! X
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Use the beauty fluid from olaz
it did wonders for me!

for foundation, try a powder foundation and set that with mac setting spray
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In your photo, you face doesn't look too splotchy, maybe just needs even out. I think a creamy foundation base would be good. But finding a good match is key. Why kind of moisturizer have you used? I use Oil of Olay twice a day to keep my face moisturized and it sounds like you're doing other things right as far as staying hydrated. I'm surprised you were turned down on referral, because you may have rosacea or some other skin condition.
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Ahhm ! try some Cream :]] if not you can go to derma Clinic :))

That's my Advice
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If I were you, I would wear
It will make your skin tone appear more even-& won't turn you orange. If you have dry patches on your skin, you need to exfoliate. Buy a face scrub and use it every 3 days.
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