What should I do to get rid of pimples?

What should i do to get rid of pimples?

I`m a teenager and I`ve been all sort of pimples on my forehead. They really ANNOY me ! How do I get rid if them? HELP !!
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Drink lots of water and make sure to wash your face with a cleanser that has salicylic acid in it. Another option is to get a clay mask to spot treat.
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use proavtiv it really works the first time you pay for it its only 19.95 then they will send you the 90 day trail for 73.10 then if you want to switch to the 60 day that will be 59.95
x out from proactiv also works great:)
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Proactive isn't that great. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, and or TERRIBLE ACNE, proactive won't be any different then regular cleanser. I would suggest seeing a dermatoligist if its terrible!
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I've never really suffered terrible with acne and or pimples, but I can tell you that this is probably because I try to keep away from all the sugars and carbs. One thing that helps is 3 glasses of water a day (at least). I usually always try to drink 3 and In my 3rd glass I like to put a trinkle of lemon juice just to help cleanse my skin. Also don't wear makeup! Makeup clogs pores and creates more acne so the best thing u could do is wash twice a day morning and night, rite bfor bed and rite bfor school. Also a good moisturizer always helps. I use Grainier Frutice a great buy. I also use Cetaphil face wash! Hope this helped!?
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