What should I do for tired-looking eyes?

What should i do for tired-looking eyes?

I have dark circles, and slight baggage under my eyes. I tried make, sleep, but nothings working.People always tell me I look tired and it gets annoying, any tips?
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I heard that the avocado eye cream by Kiehl's works wonders. I really want to try it out myself bc i tend to get eye bags as well...but it's a little pricier since it's a department store brand.
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Have you try some natural DIY remedies like tea bags on your eyes or making your own face masks? Give those a shot, and maybe they'll help address your problems :)
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Maybelline New York Cover Stick.
it's so light and little and covers up circles and helps brighten your eyes, plus you can carry it in your purse.
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I use the Clinique illuminator for under eyes. A slightly lighter shade instantly brightens my eyes and make me look less tired! (:
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Have you tried an eye cream? Clinique All About Eyes is a wonderful product and so is Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask. Dark circles can be "helped" with a good concealer. Cargo makes a good one that is easy to apply. Hope this helps!
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