what should i do about oily skin?

What should i do about oily skin?

i mean i have oily skin but i dont know what to do about like i tried using all type of soaps but i dont know what i should do please give me some advice.
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I used to have really oily skin when I was in my teens. I would use a charcoal mask from Origins, and that really helped to control my oil as well as breakouts. Also, I recommend Aveda Cleansing Gel. The big one is $40, but it lasts for almost a year! Also, I recommend a blotting powder to touch-up and take away shine throughout the day like from MAC.
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I would recommend a cleanser by Jan Marini, called Bioglycolic cleanser for oily skin. I would get this and wash with it twice a day. I would suggest a mineral makeup, such as www.bareminerals.com The minerals come from the earth and will absorb your oil & sweat-keeping your face nice and dry. I would also suggest you get some oil blotting papers. Before bed, wipe your face with Witch Hazel-you can pick this up at the drugstore for a couple of bucks, & it will work wonder for your oily complexion.
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Try a cleanser with salicylic acid such as Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash. I would also recommend a mattifier to apply before your makeup. Try Philosophy's "Never Let Them See You Shine", it really helps matte out the shine. Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Papers are great for touch-ups, you can purchase them at any local drugstore. Hope this helps!
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I've been using this Eskinol Oil Control facial deep Cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract. It instantly removes oil and controls oil for up to 8 hours. It's really refreshing. :))
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