what short hair to have ?

What short hair to have ?

i have long hair that ive tried to layer but it hasnt worked very well .... its long brown with highlights and ive got and side fringe ... i want it short but i dont know what to do/ what style to have if i do have it short ? and ideas ?!?!?!?! <3
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thanks for all your comments guys !! im going short :D ... i decided that it would be best to go for it !! if not u can always grow in back (y) ... im going from long with a side fringe, to a style like frankie sandford !!!! wish me luck <3
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it would be very helpful if u show us a pic of your current look :)
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I'm feeling the same way about my hair! I'm going to cut it short like this pic :)
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Have you ever cut your hair short before? I would suggest a shoulder-length asymmetrical cut :)
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Before you cut it try pulling it back in different styles. That will give you some ideas on how short to go before you actually do it. I always do that before a major haircut decision!
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Maybe a layered bob with some bangs? You should try out some hairstyles with a makeover on here. Then you can get a better idea of what you might like...
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