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What makeup remover do you use?

I have been using these Forever 21 Love & Beauty towelettes...but I let them dry out! Whoops. I've heard good things about the Neutrogena brand, but what do you guys use?

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I really like the Neutrogena face bar (looks like an orange bar of soap). It's just a face wash, but I noticed that it does a pretty good job of getting all the makeup off my face. Best of all, it's fragrance-free and does not irritate my skin!
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I use a cleansing oil, which does a fantastic job of getting all the makeup off my face. DHC carries one called the "Deep Cleansing Oil". Right now, I'm absolutely crazy about Shu Uemura's High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil!
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I have used several different brands in this type of product, including the two you mentioned, and I personally prefer the Forever 21 Love & Beauty towelettes. They tipically leave my skin very clean and refreshed, and are sold at a lower price. I have sensitive oily skin and for me, using these towelettes has been the best choice for removing makeup and cleansing my skin. I also use this brand on my clients when I freelance as a makeup artist, and have found that they work great for many different skin types.
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Love & Beauty
Thanks, ladies - so helpful as always!
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I use the neutrogena brand and they work pretty well. even for waterproof mascara.
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For wipes I use Olay Total Effects Wet Cloths and YES to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towels. I really like the YES ones, just got them at Target last week for a trip and they're really nice and gentle. I usually use face wash but love the wipes when I'm tired or for traveling!
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I use Maybelline Expert Eyes for Waterproof Makeup, and it works really well for me!
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