What kind of acne treatment should i use?

I have moderate-severe acne all over my face, but especially on my forehead. It never goes away. I've tried neutogena, prescription meds, and "severe acne relief". Nothing works. My skin gets oily fairly quickly. Any suggetions? (the pic attached is basically my skin. I even covered up a lot of the acne with makeup but you can still see some)
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vichy normaderm face wash and cream!!!! BEEN THERE and it totally worked:)
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Have you tried the ProActive line? I would recommend trying that...
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Pro-Activ really helps and so does Garnier 3 in 1 Facial Scrub. :) Hope this helps !
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@Wild-Eyed Joker Thank you so much! The specifics are a life-saver :D Yeah i don't wear make up-rarely, if ever. Good to know I'm helping my face somewhat x) I'll check out these products. Hope they work!
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@Aelspet23 Thanks for that advice! Yeah I do have the bad habit of messing with my acne when I'm bored -.- Heh well I live in an area full of asians who literally never get acne! I felt like the only one, but this helps alot! :) Thanks so much.
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