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What is this on my face, please help?

I saw this scab/pimple on my face (Forehead), so, I picked it off. My face started to bleed. Next, I got a towelette, and dabbed at at. When I awoke the next morning, a dark spot appeared on my face. How will it go away? Can I conceal it? Thanks, and here is a picture of it. :)
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Make an appointment with your dermatologist.....they can do a biopsy if needed. Might not be anything but you should have it checked out to be sure.
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allora ragazza... metti un in po di crema idratante oppure dell'aloe poi se lo vuoi coprire metti un velo di correttore e cipria neutra.. a me capita e così ha funzionato
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Shes right i looked at some pics and they look somewhat like that so i would get an appointment just to be sure
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You need to make an appt. with a Dermatologist ASAP b/c this might be skin cancer.
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Don't worry it happens its just a scab from a pimple just don't pick at it or it might become a ugly scar! ;)
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