what is the best way to get rid of acne quickly ? like completely...

What is the best way to get rid of acne quickly ? like completely...

i like the natural solutions.. like dragons blood, tea tree, but have tried other things like pro active etc.. i use to get more but now i just get a heap on my chin :(
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i get acne ONLY on my chin and around my mouth and it seems like a never ending struggle. i also have sensitive combination skin.
i have tried so many face washes and treatments and i found that Cetaphil face wash for oily skin works GREAT as well as benzyl peroxide acne treatment which i put on my acne before i go to bed. in the morning i wash and moisterize with Cetaphil lotion for sensative skin because acne treatments tend to dry my skin out. this seems to work really well.
also drink lots of water every day.
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I eat a lot of honey. My aunt taught me that trick!
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My son had a lot of acne and then he cut out dairy on the advice of a friend and now it seems like it's a lot better.
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I have a solution to get rid of blemishes overnight . Visit my profile :) It's a how-to on getting rid of blemishes overnight . :D
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wll As i know get a fresh YOGURT ( Natural ) with out any additional substances, and add the same about of WATER in a bowl mix them together . than try to wash your face with it . it rly works it will reduce the pimples and also it'll stop them from growing. don't worry my friend tried this beforeand it rly works ! try it and i hope this helps.
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