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What is the best thing for sun damaged skin over all your body?

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Well....the best thing is to see a Dermatologist. I've been doing Foto Facials on my face and they are fabulous. They've reduced the sun spots and unevenness on my face. I bought a series of 5 for the best results. I'm 42 so I wanted to spend my money wisely. I know there are so many products out there to help "reduce" spots, etc...but Foto Facials are formulated specifically for your skin type and worth the price. Chemical peels and Diamond Tone Facials also are helpful. Make sure to use a good exfoliator and apply sunscreen of 30 to face and body everyday. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to send me a message! Hope this helps! Your picture is so cute!
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I would go to a dermatologist for that, but the best thing is to stay out of the sun. Do you live in a sunny area?
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