What is the best kind of lotion is best for extremely dry skin?

My skin is really dry, especially near the bottom of my foot. What lotion or skin therapy should i use in this place?
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Jergens makes really good dry skin lotion its cheap too. I spent $5 on a big size bottle at Target last week!
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I am a fan of body butters or body creams because they're so much thicker. I don't think any one brand is better than the other. But really letting it soak in will help with rough and dry skin. Also, I've tried just Vaseline Intensive Care lotion before and it has helped a lot.
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instead of using lotion you should use all natural shea butter or olive oil.
i had dry skin and it worked perfectly
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I REALLY like Palmer's Cocoa Butter, which is available at local drugstores. It smells amazing, goes on smooth, hydrates, absorbs well, does not feel greasy...and best of all, is super cheap.
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I've found the body creams from Bath & Body Works work well. The creams are so much thicker than just the lotions and I let it absorb in and then add another layer.
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i live in Colorado and have dry skin, and so does my son. We use Cetaphil, or any lotion with Cetaphil in it - it works GREAT! If you want something that also smells nice, another great one that my wife uses is "foot relief" by Aveda. She loves it!
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there are so many great lotions out there, it's hard to choose. i find it key as to how MUCH lotion you use. ones with shea or cocoa butter are great for your feet and elbows where it's rougher. i always slather on the lotion after a shower and before i go to bed at night. even inexpensive brands like suave have great moisturizing lotions.
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There's a St. Ives lotion that smells like orchid and coconut that is so very silky. I'd suggest a body cream though for the bottom of your feet. Layer it on and then cover with fluffy socks.
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Something that is really good for dry skin and making skin soft is mixing raw sugar and milk togeter. Add just enough milk so that it looks like glue almost. this will make your skin moise and soft c:
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I agree with @xxshazzxx Dove and Niviea have great moisturizing lotions. I would also recommend to maybe switch the soap/body wash your use. Sometimes those can leave residue behind which dries out your skin even more,
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