What is my best feature and what is my worst and why?x

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thanks so much everyone! and in reply to @beccafoo i am actually dying my hair a medium brown soon! thanks for the adivce xxx
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Your eyes are your best I would say. Thats the same with everyone almost. Eyes are always such a main focus. Yours are very bright and pretty. And if you want to draw more attention to your eyes and make them pop, I think if you changed your hair to a medium brown and had some angled layers in front or even bangs would look super cute too. Your pretty, no worst feature about you.
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Your eyes are very bright and very pretty! I dont think you a worst feature. no one does. Whatever is different about you makes you unique!!
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Do you really believe people would actualy tell you your worst feature, if there was any?
If they did, we can both agree they'd sound rude and judging.
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I think that your best feature is your eyes! they're big, expressive and they have a gorgeous color! you remind me of the actress Robin Tunney :))
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