what is a good spot/acne remover for dry skin

What is a good spot/acne remover for dry skin

i have tried facial cleanser and i have tried freedom gel but i need fast results because im going to a wedding soon and i dont want to turn up thier with acne all over my face, so pelase help me to find a good spot remover or tips to help me since i have dry skin
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Clinique has really good clinically-medicated spot treatments. Go to a counter and get some advice from a Clinique rep. They can help you find something that will work best for your skin type.
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editing my answer;
Sorry , witch hazel DOES dry your skin , somewhat. but that's depending HOW much you use , and HOW often you use it per day.

But after using it , you could always use moisturizer :)
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Witch Hazel is great astringent.
I had some pimples on my face and I wiped my face with a cotton pad and witch hazel on it , and it really reduced the size of them. It also does not dry out your skin

also a plus to witch hazel,
It makes your skin nice and smooth , glowing almost!
try this , wipe on side of your face then compare the look and feel to the other one , also look at the cotton pad , look how much dirt it got! :o amazing is it not?

also , witch hazel has many other uses.
I bit my finger nail short , put some on it , and the pain was gone the next day! its also good for cuts, bruises, bug bites and more :)

I hope I helped you :)
It also dosent cost much :) drug stores carry them.
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