What do you think about plastic surgery?

What do you think about Plastic Surgery? Do you think it's good? Do you think it's bad? and Would you ever get it done or have you got it done already?
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well im gonna tell the worls something that makes me depressed and shameful daily. I have a apron (not something i cook with) a skin hang that is sovered in stretch marks i call it my doona. i am 58kgs so i am far from overweight. i do as many curlups etc that anyone could fit into a day and still its there. haunting me! i wake up in the middle of the night and thats what i think about. i put dresses on and they look beautiful then i turn to the side and there it is staring back at me. tourturing me. it makes me feel like shi*. i hate thinking about it and surgery i feel shallow for wanting the surgery done as i have a young family and what if something goes wrong? it just as dangerous as the c/s's i had to deliver my children.what if i die getting surgery for my vanity? at the same time is it nesassary i should feel so much sadness and pain every minute of the day because of my "doona"? should i get it fixed and move on? ... all in all i think its up to you. and your consiousness. but it will never make you happy but it might make you happier. it just depends. i am not one to judge anybody. this is a hard subject that has sooo many varibles. i WILL get a tummy tuck even if i wait till im 50.
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Plastic Surgery? Neve done it, and never will. I believe that everybody should be happy in and respect their own body. That people shouldn't change anything about their body (plastic surgery wise). And plus, with all that cancer thing going on... lets just say its safer if one doesnt do plastic surgery. :) x
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thing about plastic surgery is that alot of women do it because of society.
society tells you that you have to look a certain way, but if you think it would make you happier and feel better about yourself than do it, in moderation.
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look what happened to her she went over board. so no. its not safe some doctors are horrible.
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I agree with Rory. And I would do it if I felt I really needed it or felt bad about something in my appearence. As long as the change is delicate and looks natural, it's fine by me ;)
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never try to evn think about plastic surgery love your self as it is never try o chnge what god has given to you be yourself the world will love you if they dont leave them but plz dont try to destroy yourself for others god bless you take care
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Enquanto eu não precisar, maravilha. (,
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I'm indifferent to it. I'd like to think that I'm going to grow old gracefully or there will be enough beauty products that will keep me going that route, but you just never know. ;)
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It's hard for me to say. I'm always torn on it. For reconstructive surgery, I'm totally for it. I get that for some people ps can be empowering, but I feel like most times, you're empowering yourself only to give more power to the beauty/marketing industry to dictate what you should look like.

One of my friends pointed out that I'm ok with makeup and tattoos, both of which alter the appearance, so it's a double-standard for me to say that plastic surgery is wrong. But, I think the things that rub me the wrong way about ps are the idea that we need to conform to some ideal in order to be pretty/valuable (look more "white" more "feminine" more "exotic" more "masculine" or whatever is being preached), that it's permanent, that it costs so much money (luxury for the rich), and that it can risk health in many cases. I don't believe in dying or living a lower quality life (health-wise) for beauty.

Some of my favorite stars had surgery done. A lot of my friends, too. Honestly, I think they were more attractive without it. It bugs me that in many countries, the most successful are ppl who had resources and were willing to take huge health risks in order to conform to an unrealistic, rare ideal. Then again, I believe that everyone is and should be free to decide what to do with their own bodies. If you need some alteration before you're happy with yourself, then maybe you should get it. It's just sad that appearance plays such a big role in happiness and self-esteem.
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I also agree with Rory, plastic surgery is ok if you don't exagerate.
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