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What do you gals think about tattoos?

I'm getting a tattoo for 18th birthday (my birthday was yesterday). It'll be a medium sized piece on the left side of my back. My mom and dad are super supportive about it. What do you guys think about tattoos? Would you get one?
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Well i like them but they have to be pretty
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I wouldn't get one there but if that's what you want, go for it!
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i realy love tattoos but i wouldnt have them all over my body i would only like just one on my body
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I love tattoos and as long as you have chosen carefully and it means something to you then go for it!
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I love how you chose something that means alot to you! :D me personally wouldnt get something like that big and colourful.... but if your happy with it then sure! go for it! :D
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i wouldnt get one myself, because its there forever. so if i got one, it would be like my cousins, she got it in a faded white ink so you can barely see it. and it would be the deathly hallows symbol from harry potter but really small with grey ink. i would get it on my ankle. or if i got the white ink one it would be on my hand on the thumb bit. <3
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You are going to hate me but... I hate all mine that I used to love at one point. With time we change. You may still love it in 10years or you may grow to really regret it (as do I). Either way its a risk which is why I tell everyone NOT to do it. I love how they look and have nothing against them or people with them. There is just no guarantee you will always think as you do at a young age and that just isnt reassuring enough for me anymore. Im sure you will still get it though so choose wisely!
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I think tattoos are awesome as long as they mean something.
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