What causes zits exactly and what helps get rid of them?

What causes zits exactly and what helps get rid of them?

I think its just apart of your hormones in my opinion, but my friend is starting to get very TINY zits and freaking out about it. I don't get zits that often so I can't really give her good advice to get rid of them. She thinks that eating a lot of fried and unhealthy foods is the cause of her zits but I eat unhealthy foods a lot, I know! I know! not good for me:P, but I don't get zits often. She's half asian and a kinda combination skin and gets most of her barely noticable zits on her forehead. Any advice for her??
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Try to keep the hair off the forehead. That's where acne will start. Sounds like excess oil secretion to me. need to nip it now. see a dermotologist.
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If your friend has bangs then it could totally be the reason for the break out - especially since it's only happening on her forehead. It's most likely a combination of things including hormones and her diet, but a few things she could do to immediately help would be to wash her hair or bangs more often and to be careful about touching her hair or greasy/oily foods, then touching her face. If I'm eating something greasy I'm always very careful to wash my hands before I touch my face or else I'm sure to get a pimple. It never fails!
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hmmm i heard that if you're not getting enough zzzz, that may also be a reason for breaking out? another thing may be that she's not washing all her makeup off before going to bed, and it may be causing her to break out. hopefully, it's only temporary...hope she's able to deal with it!
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In her 20's

Blue eyes, dry light skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair
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