What can I do for bags under my eyes ?

What can i do for bags under my eyes ?

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Cover the dark circles with frozen tea bags, cucumber slices, or the back of an ice-cold spoon. All of them work!!(kinda) Anyway, the problem may be that you don't get enough of sleep. Don't cheat sleep!! :) good luck
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some of people have it because of lack of sleep and some others have it naturally , i have it too and i have a home remedi i try it every single day and it works really well , cucumber or potatoe is really good for it , in the morning when you wake up you put it on your eyes for 10 mn , and then drink a glass of cold water it really helps and you should try it :) good luck
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errm soaked teabags under ur eyes or sliced patato peices:)
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Take two cold tea bags and placed at your eyes for 10 to 15 minuts this will help you to reduce your bags under your eyes quickly.....
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sleep! but i get bags under my eyes, so i have this natural light coloured concealer wich matches my skin tone and i gently dab some on the dark lines and blend it in. you can't tell at all and i don't have any dark lines. the body shop has some really useful concealers.
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yes get enough sleep. and dont cry...there are creams with caffeine intended to reduce bags but dont use if you have reallyswollwen bags as your skin will sag when the excess liquid is` drained. try applying a little lemon juice or amla (indian gooseberry) juice. try not to get in the eyes though. the vitamin C in the juice wil strengthen the skin n naturally drains the excess fluids. you could also apply hemmarhoid cream..it works as well!
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