What are some beauty super-foods for great looking skin?

I’ve read that spinach, blueberries and fish are great for healthy looking skin. What are some other food suggestions that I should add to the list? Thanks a bunch! :D
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Taking prenatal pills and drinking lots water is a natural and simple way to achieve clear healthy skin. Avoiding sodas and sweets every now and then is also a good solution. And this may sound wierd, but rinsing your face every night before you go to sleep with cold icy water helps your skin look clean, clear, and fresh.
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Water and lots fo it!!! It's gd for your skin! Makes it smooth....
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Dark Chocolate!! Also, Wild Salmon, tomatoes, (lycopene is an anti-aging antioxidant), Oysters, (zinc) and walnuts! Lots of water! And, yes, blueberries are great for your skin!
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Water's a definite must for healthy skin, Also I've heard that salmon's really good for your skin as well, lastly green tea because it's rich in antioxidants and apparently prevents cancer as well :)
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