The best way to stop bags under eyes?

The best way to stop bags under eyes?

Not only when I wake up, but for most of the morning, i have dark circles under my eyes. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for natural cheap ways to prevent this. Thanks.
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lots of sleep and being hydrated help my skin, but also cucumber slices are great and finding a good concealer for your complexion can work miracles.
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Rodan and Fields Dermatologists have a wonderful eye cream that contains peptides to stimulate collagen and reduce puffiness. It also has peat extract that helps reduce dark circles. I recommend to keep it in the refrigerator and mix with your concealer before applying in the morning. You can only purchase Rodan and Fields products through a consultant. If you would like more information about the eye cream I can send you a website to look at. Good luck.
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Green tea teabags work, but also cucumbers are incredibly refreshing as well!
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Cold teaspoons,, apply them on the skin under the eyes . Put two clean teaspoons in the fridge and when they are cold lay on your back and put the spoons on the dark circles. They will refresh both the area and the eyes.

Cool empty teabags on the skin under the eyes are also a very efficient remedy they calm the skin and prevent it from swelling. Of the full herbal teabags the most recommended in treating dark circles are the ones that contain chamomile. Chamomile tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that will leave your face brighter and less swollen
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soak a teabag in warm water and place it on your eye, that will make eye bags go instantly
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First, dab primer on the dark area then blend it in.Over that, put cover up on it and make sure its not blotchy. Also, another way to brighten your eyes and take the focus away from your bags is to wear white eye shadow on around your tear duct. It works to give a glowing look :) I have the same problem and I just tried making up ways on my own. So far they work pretty good! Hope this helps.
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