Sun-bathed tan or faux tan?

I’m torn between the two…self-tanners always look less than natural on me for some reason, and yet, I’m afraid of the skin damages from tanning out in the sun. What do you think??
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Sun TAN is perfect ! as the other one damage ur skin !
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Self tanners and Spray tans all the way! No question! A little sun is fine but for color I recommend self tanning. My favorite brand of self tanner is Clarins. I prefer the lotions and creams because they are easy to apply and smooth in. Always make sure to exfoliate your skin first! Have you ever tried the Versa Spray? It's a perfect way to get a healthy glow! You can also get someone to spray you for a perfect, flawless tan. It's the best way.....you want to keep your young skin healthy!
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I think a sun-bathed tan is definitely the best option it looks natural and fake tan harms your skin much more, sun-bathed tans shouldn't damage your skin as long as you make sure you put on sun tan lotion and don't stay out in the sun for too long you should be fine. Also try not to sun-bathe at times like 12.00 when the sun is at it's strongest to prevent getting sun burnt. :)
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