Should i go tanning or stay light?

I sometimes think im wayyy to pale. what do you guys think? Should i go tanning?


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I wouldn't recommend tanning but you could opt for a spray tan, either the Versa Spray or a airbrush spray. Tanning lotions always work great too! I swear by all of the creams and sprays....I have super fair skin and it's the only way I can fake a little color! This comment has been removed.
You don't want to look like a dried out prune in 25 years, so please don't damage your skin by sitting out in the sun or going to a tanning booth. Years ago I saw a young lady who came from Germany with very fair and beautiful skin that you don't see much in the U.S. due to the sun. -- John This comment has been removed.
I hope you don't mean real tanning, either in the sun or a sunbed--both are horrible for your skin. If you really want to bronze, try a flash bronzer, but honestly I think fair skin can be very pretty, feminine, and it definitely stands out in a sea of brown and orange. This comment has been removed.
I am referring to airbrush tanning, not real sun tanning. If you have never tried it, it's easy and gives you immediate results- Unlike a real tan, that takes a long time to build up in a fair skinned person. You want to take care of your skin. In twenty years from now, you'll be glad you don't have wrinkles and skin cancer to worry about. This comment has been removed.
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