Should I go for all Jersey looks?

Should i go for all jersey looks?

Should I go for all Jersey looks? I really want to. Like after I made one of my pictures with a nice tan, I was in love! So do you think I should go for a Jersey, with long hair! OR, just with anything.
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No. The 'Jersey look' is highly unflattering and trashy/cheap. You would look déclassé and unintelligent. Stick with something more high-end and conservative. Don't glamorize stupidity.
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Yes bronzer is nice for summer time, but make sure that you use it lightly all over the face. Also make sure that your face, neck and body match.
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It depends on how far you go. I think that you should be careful with being too tan, but bronze is a good look. I do like the Jersey girls long, dark hair. Just make sure to keep it well-conditioned and taken care of - don't damage with too much hair drying or flat ironing.
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