me ,_,

Should i get more tanned or more pale..?

I've never really felt confortable in my own skin and I'm in a kind of dilemma... I'm doubting in between two styles for me, but I don't know what would suit me best.

Darker- black hair with paler skin (A kind of Gothic-elegant style, with like red lipstick, strong eyeliner, etc)

or: a more light-colored hair with more tanned skin?

I think both styles are beautiful, though being tanned, et c is really not original, so I don't know... D:

help ,_, I hope you give me your real opinions and good advices about this, it's been torturing me for weeks now D:
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I like your hair and skin tone as it is. I think you have fairer skin but it doesn't look too pale where it washes you out. I stay stick to what you got! ;)
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you shouldnt try to stay out of the sun or try to tann in tanning beds or anything but if you want to do anything i would say "tan and there is lots of overnight tanning lotions you can put on before you go to bed that are not that bad for youmaybe start out with a light overnight tanning lotion and go darker after that (but dont for get to have fun in the real sun two!!
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I really, really like the color of you hair. I don't think you should tan just because of the color of your hair, but maybe lay out in the sun, or spend more time outside, inless you already do. But I think it looks fine as it is now. :)
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id say pale!
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Just treat your skin naturally - meaning that you don't make a special effort to stay out of the sun. I would say don't intentionally tan your skin - you don't want your skin to become like tough shoe leather.

You look nice as is. If you have not done so you might upload a portrait of yourself and try different makeovers to get some idea of what makeup would enhance your appearance. If makeup can enhance the appearance of a 60 year old male (myself) it would really enhance your appearance.

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Welll,I would go with more pale.Or stay like you are.See, being tan is "o.k" but it is just skin damage.Lator on in life you will pay the price for a tan.And beauty wise,I also think you would fare better pale anyways.If u still feel akward,go with what your heart tells you.:)
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you're right, both styles suits you best, but if you can not choose one, why not choose any? Find something original, something that you feel, comfortable and fresh in any situation. Do as I do: stay very much in the mirror and admire all the qualities, but at the same time, observe defects. you will see that the qualities you need to keep unchanged, and defects to correct them, because they make you feel uncomfortable.
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I think your hair and skin is the perfect colours as it is, and I would imagine that your skin tone tans very easily, so I advise you to not try and get tanned but not avoid it, either, and your skin will develop a lovely natural glow in the summer. A reason that I don't advise you to have lighter hair colour and darker skin is that in the winter it will look very yellow and can even make you look unwell. Hope this helps! x
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Lighter, you a tad on the orange side
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Your hair is a beautiful color! I wouldn't recommend black's such a pretty color right now. You could opt for a lighter brown with your pale skin. Tanning your skin is not my suggestion, however, spray tans and self-tanners are the way I go! St. Tropez tanning mousse is a favorite of mine for a light golden tan. It's always an option if you want to change it up and add a healthy glow! The color hair in the photo attached would look stunning on you!
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