Post-waxing redness

Everytime I get my brows waxed, the surrounding area is all red and irritated for the rest of the day. Have you found any tricks that have worked for you?
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When customers come in and have redness from waxing, I usually put BareMinerals Redness Remedy on it. It will hide the redness as well as soothe the skin because it has calming ingredients like Aloe Vera, Colloidal Oatmeal and Licorice Root.
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Redness around the waxed area is normal. After all, you are ripping some of our hair out. Is your skin dry? Try a good moisturizer after the wax. If the surrounding area is still red after a day or so do what RoryGautshe suggested and try a different salon.
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It is common for there to be a little pinkness to freshly waxed skin. The action of pulling wax off the skin, is stimulating the blood flow. If the skin is red, the wax might be too hot. Always make sure the esthetician is checking it on her wrist before applying it. As an esthetician myself, a really quick, easy thing you can do, is to bring a bottle of eye drops with you. Tell the esthetician to dab it around the waxed areas. This will make most of the redness disappear immediately.
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That shouldn't happen....sounds like the wax is not suitable for your skin. The redness should be temporary and if the skin is getting irritated, the wax may be the problem. Try another salon that uses a different wax or dab a bit of aloe on the area that is irritated.
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