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Hii my taaz friends...........i'm 21 years..i have lot of pimples in my face,i tryed a lot of treatments(home treatment,and docter) but no improvement...i need your suggestions....i cnt go out....everyone asking me about my pimples.....i'm very depressed...pls give some solutionss.......
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Thank u friendsss...............i got lot of suggestions from you.........thanks a lot..
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I recomend You omnigel by omnilife its good and its not expensive, for moré information contact me.
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I recomend You omnigel by omnilife its good and its not expensive, for moré information contact me.
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I know how you feel. I've suffered from oily/acne-prone skin for about 5 years. I've seen a number of doctors, took pills, bought over the counter skin treatments, you name it... and NOTHING has worked better than eating healthier and cleaning my "insides". It takes a lot of determination and time, but my skin now is as clear as ever. I don't even have a problem with it being as oily anymore.

What you need to do is eat more vegetables. Stay away from fat, greasy foods (anything that's high in sugar and fried). Eat a balanced diet - 3 equal meals a day. Drink lots and lots of water. The recommended amount is 2 liters, but I drink 4 all throughout the day. Also, sleep! Get lots of sleep - 8 hours a night, but on weekends I always stretch it out to 10-11 hours. If you can do this for at least 2 weeks straight without deviating you will see a big improvement if not a complete change. After that, you can decide whether you want to stick to this routine or not.
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Have you tried ProActive? I've heard so many great things about it. The Dermatologist should be able to find something that helps. Drink lots of water and watch the greasy foods. Clearasil is another great line of products for acne-prone skin. Estee Lauder makes a really great full coverage foundation called Maximun Coverage. This will help to conceal some of the spots until you get the right treatment. Hope this helps!
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I recommend nettle tea. It's great for your skin, hair, it cleans your body, it fights many diseases. Hope I helped.
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You could try sudocrem, this helps calm down outbursts.
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