New remedy for dry eyes!!!

New remedy for dry eyes!!!

So my girlfriend has always suffered from dry skin around the eyes. Because this is such a sensitive area, she cant exactly treat it with just anything. She has tryed so many different eye creams, that have worked wonderfully for other reasons but none have been able to solve her poor chapped eyes (skin directly around the eye). It has even become a problem to apply makeup because it comes out uneven or messy looking. Until... We were at the gym together last night and I pulled out my chapstick. (My lips feel so parched during a workout). Then as a joke I said she should rub it onto her eyelids. This morning she called me and said it worked! She went home and tryed out our little joke and the chapped eyelids were healed over night! WOW
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Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I love when we accidentally suggest good ideas to our friends. Gives us more cred! LOL :)
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Who says you can't use chapstick on dry areas other than your lips :) Brilliant idea! I love when you discover other uses for products that you already have.
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That's great! My neighbor had the same problem and I gave her some Aquaphor.......she mixed it in with her eye cream and said it helped a ton! I wonder if your friends eye cream has some retinol in it? That can cause some dryness.....just a thought! Thanks for the Chapstick idea!
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