M mom wont let me get my eyebrows done! HELP?!

M mom wont let me get my eyebrows done! help?!

im going into the 6th grade and im so insecure about myself! my eyebrows are very thick and all i want to do is get them cleaned up! her and my bro think that i should get them done in 8th grade! do u agree?
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when I was at your age I had very thick brows too.I tried to clean them by myslef and I messed it up.Ask your mom to do it for you and never try this alone.By the way thick eyebrows are beautiful and in fashion
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My son is going into 6th grade too and I just bought a Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit and waxed the area in-between his brows. A girl from his class told him he had a unibrow! It wasn't bad but it bothered him so I cleaned up the area for him and he was good to go! It took me 2 minutes. Ask your mom if you can get them cleaned up....don't change the shape of your brows since you are too young...but making them look clean and groomed will make you feel so much better. Tweezers are great to tweak a few hairs here and there...that might be an easy and cheap start if your mom approves. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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Your family is just looking out for you & trying to protect you. However, I do understand your feelings of wanting to fit it. Ask your mom if it would be okay if you just tweezed a few stray hairs, with a tweezer from the drugstore.
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If your mom won't let you do what you've got to do, take matters into yo own hands! Buy yourself a pair of tweezers and pluck those things yourself! LOL!

(But seriously, pluck them yourself.)
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