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I am going on vacation soon. My face always feels all dry when I get off my flight. My sister always puts on a thin layer of Aquaphor before getting on an airplane, and she says it works well, but I'm wondering if this is good to do, and if there are better things out there. Thx in advance for your answers.
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Try Evian Spray for Face.....mist it on when your skin feels dry for some added moisture! It will make your skin feel refreshed without feeling too greasy.
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I am not a proponent of products containing petroleum. Aquaphor is about 80% petroleum. Petroleum is made from crude oil & contains contaminants, which are not good for you or your skin. A better choice- would be either an aloe gel for the skin or a thin layer of coconut oil or even olive oil. You probably already have these things at home, and wouldn't have to go out buy anything.
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Well, one thing you can do is put on a layer of face lotion or wipe it with moisterizing cream. There is also a psoriosis lotion that my friend puts on her face. It is for extrememly dry skin. Skin so dry that it's flaky.
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Aquaphor is actually a great treatment, but you could also use Cetaphil if you want something lighter.
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