I've started to get a few spots? How can I get rid of them?

I've started to get a few spots? how can i get rid of them?

I wash my face every morning and night and thouroughly take my make up off. I still get spots what do I do?
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I am glad you clarified this. What you have, is Milia. You can research this on the internet.
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@RoryGautsche, I don't really now what they are they are just little bumps, that are simular to spots but are the same colour as my skin and they are not red,Like heatbumps but not heat bumps if you get me. I do not have loads of them just the odd couple on my face. I use Blusher and that is the only thing i use that i feel that could be causing these spots I do not wear foundation and I very much doubt the lipstick or mascara i use cause these because they go on my eyelashes and lips not my skin.

@GoodFaith I do not have acne!? And I don't wear foundation and have never used foundation in my life and don't intend to in the future, Thank you for the advice anyway.
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I am wondering if your makeup is making your acne worse. I would suggest you start using mineral makeup. The molecules are too big to be penetrated into the pores, and minerals don't promote bacteria. On the other hand, liquid foundations are really inviting to the acne bacteria. I would also recommend, making a solution by mixing apple cider vinegar and water (not tap water-preferably good drinking) about half/half and applying with guaze to your face before bed every night. You will smell like a salad for a few minutes until it evaporates, but trust me the results are worth it. The apple cider vinegar lowers the pH of the skin to where the acne bacteria can't function, and starts to die out. It's not going to happen overnight, so stick with. Consistency over time will be your answer.
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By spots, you mean pimples, correct? What are you currently using? Try a face wash with salicylic acid. A good one is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser. It has 2% salicylic acid that will help fight breakouts.
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