Is there any way to get rid of freakles or make them a little less outstanding?

Is there any way to get rid of freakles or make them a little less outstanding?

I have loads of freakles on my face and arms, i like them but i want them to become a little duller(if its possible), i have heard about lemon juice ect but is there anything that works really fast? :)
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Garnier has a new product called:
Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel
This will fade your freckles out over time.
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Thank you so much! I will try both:)
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lemon is ok but its a bit longer,I have acne and scars on my face when I was in high school but when I was in college..they were gone cuz my cousin told me to use Papaya Leaf every single day...its very effective!I did it everyday and I feel lighter and more confident with my face after a month...,.try it girl and I'm sure u would be flawless if u won't be lazy doing it before shower...scrub the papaya leaf on the face and arms,then let the juice of it stay for 10-15minutes..then,u can wash your face after...or u can do shower!that's what I did,I include it in my daily routine 20minutes before I shower I scrubbed itZ!though after college I stopped cuz I got lazy and I'm in d city papaya leaf anymore!lol
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Makeup. With some concealer and powder, just rub it all over your face. If you put too much on, it will make you look powder, but if you put on too little, it won't do much for you. Just put enough on that the freckles are lightened to a good extent, just for now. After a while you probably won't need/want to use it anymore. Also, it is good to use blush sometimes to make the powder look less fake. Don't put too much of this on either, or you will look like a clown.Sunless tanners. I am allergic to these, but if you use some hypoallergenic kind, it can make your freckles look less obvious, and you would get a nice glow.Hats. Load of cute ones out there, baseball caps work nicely. And it's getting the sun out of your eyes.Sunscreen. It is a very good thing to use sunscreen every day; it will ensure that your freckles won't darken in the sun. Wear a ton if you are going to the beach, an amusement park, the farmers market... you get the idea.Vitamin C. Sometimes getting some of those Halls Vitamin C things will be good for you. Or oranges/strawberries. These can sometimes help your skin. It will also help fight colds. Not sure how that's relevant, but yeah. Hope this helps!
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