Is it gonna Effect my skin? How do I overcome this?

Is it gonna effect my skin? how do i overcome this?

I have to study till late night and I drink 2 mugs of tea everyday to keep myself from feeling drowsy. I work really hard all day long. I wear Hijab but still I do go in the sun a lot.
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yes it will affect ur skin.. first of all ur skin replenishes itself overnite that can cause u to look tired and the suns uv rays can damage ur skin... so try to get at least 8 hours of sleep (average) and use a small amount of sunblock everyday or at leat the sunny days
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Just make sure to drink lots of water.....even if you're not thirsty. Moisturize your skin day and night and use sunscreen of at least 30 during the day.
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I know from personal experience (I drank a lot more than 2 mugs of tea!!) that when I started using decaf teabags my skin looked loads better! If you really need that caffeine fix then make sure that you are kind to your skin in every other way! Drink plenty of water and stick to a cleanse tone and moisturise regime every day... also make sure you use sunscreen in the sun... you will regret not doing it when you have wrinkles and sun spots!! :))
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tea is good hey? i love it
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