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If i wear to much oily make up what will have to my skin?

Will my skin become soft or something else will happen please help me!!
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Just make sure to get it all off at the end of the day. Don't sleep in your makeup otherwise it will cause you to break out :(
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I would recommend that you use a moisturizer for hydration and not so much the makeup. It could deliver a wrong look on the skin then what you intended for.
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Too much foundation might make your makeup look really cakey and cause clogging to occur. Use only enough to help cover blemishes and even out the complexion. If you have oily skin, try a mineral foundation.
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If the makeup is too oily it could cause you to break out. Its usually better to stick with oil-free makeup
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Make sure to use a foundation suitable to your skin type. If your skin is oily, try a matte foundation or a mineral powder foundation such as BareMinerals or Neutrogena Mineral Sheer Powder Foundation. Using a foundation primer is always a good idea. Wearing foundation is not bad for your skin at all....just make sure to buy the appropriate one for your skin.
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Usually when you stop wearing the makeup for a day or two, the effects from it are gone. I would only suggest makeups with oils, if you have very dry skin. Otherwise, you're better off with a water-based foundation.
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