I have Zits, Pimples and dirty pours and black  heads READ

I have zits, pimples and dirty pours and black heads read

I have been having these problems since I was in 2nd grade! I have used Proactiv, Strid-EX (Worked a bit), Kukui Oil ( which worked a little ) and I have used Clear Zit. I can't put on makeup cause I am allergic, so I cannot cover nothing! My friend Diana also has these problems, I have zits and pimples on my forehead, dirty pours around my mouth and on my nose, with a following of black heads all over it.. Please help (:
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@GoodFaith Do dermatologists do surgery, I am a kid and I haven't got surgery yet, and I will see if my mom will take me to the spa, or get that mineral makeup(: Thanks!!
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Do some research & find a spa in your area that does acne facials. The esthetician will look at your face under a special lamp & be able to advise you as to what to do for your particular circumstance. Then she will treat your skin & perform much needed extractions. If this doesn't work- you need to ask your parents to make an appointment for you to see a Dermatologist. I know you said you're allergic to makeup, but have you tried mineral makeup? It's generally safe for people with acne & skin sensitivities.
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