i have really oily skin.

I have really oily skin.

my oily skin gets int he way of everyday life. Does anyone have any advice as to what i could do?

thanks Ax
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type at google acne.org its a website that sales a system to fight acne. there are some reviews on youtube with great results. i think it is a little expensive and hard treatment but why not, it might be the solution at your problem
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i used to have oily skin but i recently started using this "oil reduction" cream , it works very well , and this might sound weird but lemon juice also helps .
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Invest in a really good cleanser, and make sure it's especially for oily skin. Wash your face twice a day, and make sure you start with hot water and end with cold so that you get the maximum amount of cleanser into your pores. Exfoliate once a week and give yourself a facial (honey+lemon juice, or cucumber slices) once every two weeks.
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Use Boots Botanic Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser It's packed with hibiscus and horsechestnut extract, it will leave your skin balanced, purified and perfectly clean and it's perfect for oily skin!
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Make sure you are using a cleanser suitable for oily skin.....Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash is a good choice. Try using an oil mattifier before applying makeup, Philosophy's "Never Let Them See You Shine" works great. I also recommend Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Papers for touch-ups throughout the day.
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Jan Marini has a cleanser called Bioglycolic cleanser for oily skin. If you got this, & washed your face with it twice a day, I think that would make a big difference. Do you wear makeup? If so, what kind? Let me know and I will give you some better advice.
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