I have really bad pimples and marks. Plz gimme the fastest way to get rid of the marks. TQ

I have really bad pimples and marks. plz gimme the fastest way to get rid of the marks. tq

I am a part time actress, i have these really bad marks and pimples. I need to get rid of these marks b4 the next shooting which is soon. Plz tell me ways to get rid of these marks. and the fastest and best ways to do so. TQ
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Aspirin masks are great (i use them every now and them). Otherwise, I really like the spot acne treatment from Origins.
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A good way is advil, or ice. The ice will bring down the pimple, and crushed advil on top of it will get rid of the redness.
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I completely agree with @GoodFaith....she is a licensed esthetician and I would take her recommendation. Good Luck!
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I am assuming you're the one in the picture, and that you have dark skin. The problem with darker skin, is that the melanin cells are closer to the surface of the skin, & when there is trauma-such as a pimple-these cells over react and leave a really dark mark behind; for a long time. No one is going to be able to offer you a solution to fix this overnight. It's going to take time. In the meantime, I would recommend you purchase some www.dermablend.com in your skin tone & wear it to your next shoot. This will cover anything; even tatoos. When you're not working, you must wear a high sunscreen. If you don't, the scars will become darker and last even longer. Next, go to Amazon-& order: Infinite Skin Safe 15% Glycolic acid cleanser for $11.99. Wash with it once a day, at night before bed. Then I would suggest ordering: Natural Skin Brightening Complex for $29.95 from www.isabellacatalog.com Follow the instructions that come with it. This will reverse the scarring you have.
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