I Have bad acne does anyone know home remedies to get rid of it ?

I have bad acne does anyone know home remedies to get rid of it ?

its on my upper body and really bad :(
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Tea tree oil helps, as does anything that will keep the area dry and disinfected. Tea tree oil tends to help without over-drying, so it's recommended by many people and can be found as as a concentrate or as an ingredient in a natural wash.

As @sunita_taaz mentioned, aloe can also be used (though be careful - you may have an allergic reaction to it, so test it in a spot first). Aloe soothes the skin and helps when an area is overly dry and itching/burning.

Try not to touch the area, especially if your hands weren't washed/sanitized right before. Make sure that you take a shower after working out since the bacteria from your sweat will aggravate the condition. Also, consider swapping out your laundry detergent and fabric softener so that they're unscented and use natural ingredients. Some fragrances or ingredients make acne worse, so you want something very gentle for your skin.

I hope that helps!
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Using aloe gel fresh from the leaf helps get rid of acne. You could find aloe vera plants for sale in Home Depot or the aloe leaves being sold individually in Whole Foods. You could also try the 99.7% pure aloe gels available in the market.
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