i have acne. what should i do?

I have acne. what should i do?

i have gone to many dermatologists but its not curing. please help.
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Everybody gets acne...EVERYONE!!! If u have terrible skin and nothing seems to work, the best thing you could probably do for ur skin is stick to one face wash, one toner, one moisturizer, and one primer(if u wear makeup). This will give ur skin time to adjust to something and hopefully in time will tell u how it likes the product ur using. Whereas if ur using to many different kinds of face washes ur skin can dry out and over time get worse and worse and worse and u could never tell what wash is causing ur face to break out. Stick to one thing for a certain amount of time and give ur face a chance to adjust. Also a FRESH FACE is great once in awhile. No makeup. I also sometimes u rubbing alcohol from like CVS or Walgreen's and dab it 2 times a day on my PROBLEM areas. No where else. It will dry u out. Hope this helped!:)
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I would take a close look at your diet. Also, if you have long hair, your hair care products could be irritating your skin (i.e. getting on your pillow and then on your face).
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What skincare lines have you used? Have you tried the ProActive line? It's one of the best for acne-prone skin. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and staying away from greasy foods. Make sure your makeup is suitable for your skin too, (oil-free).
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maybe its stress??
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In her 20's

Brown eyes, combination light skin, reddish brown very long (mid-back) straight hair
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