I am 23, never had acne. Now my cheeks are always broken out. I have tried everything,nothing helps

I am 23, never had acne. now my cheeks are always broken out. i have tried everything,nothing helps

I dont seem to have oily skin, but I live in a humid climate. I have tried every acne product on the retail market, but I am still breaking out all over my cheeks and chin. I wash am/pm with OTC products. When I use a product it always seems to help at first then gets worse. some products dont seem to help but make it worse. I have always had very sensitive skin. Help!
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Try using a product with salicylic acid. It's supposed to help treat acne-prone skin and reduce pimples. I'd try to stay away from too much makeup--and foundation if you can. Since you mentioned that it's humid there, wearing foundation might contribute to clogging of the skin and more acne.
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Wow that is really a great idea! I have never heard that before, I will try it.
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if you tell your doctor then he or she can give you some great advice or can give you something depending on how bad it is. face masks once a week are always useful i tend to use one, once a week to remove dead skin cells or bacteria that may cause acne
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The acne bacteria is loving the humid climate. That is definitely making their job easier. However, there is one fundamental truth with acne, and it all comes down to the pH of the skin. P.Acnes bacteria thrives at a higher pH, but starts to die out and become less functional at a lower pH. I can offer you a fairly inexpensive remedy, that I actually learned from my esthetician instructor back when I was in school. Take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with some drinking water (not tap water) and apply it every night before bed; with gauze. This will serve two purposes: the acetic acid in the vinegar will disintegrate the contents of your clogged pores, and the vinegar itself with lower the pH of your epidermis to where the acne bacteria will start to become less functional. The acne isn't going to go away overnight, so consistency over time is going to be the answer. Be patient and I promise you results, because my esthetician teacher was very knowledgeable and really knew what she was talking about. Another bonus, this acne remedy will only cost you a buck or two. I'd love to hear back from you in a couple of weeks-let me know how it's going. Good luck to you!
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