how to you get fake tan off?

How to you get fake tan off?

i am major streaky!
please help, i have p.e tomorrow!
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I've heard that lemon does the trick. Not really sure how effective it is in getting it all off..but maybe try using it with a loofah in the shower? Good luck!
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I've used witch hazel before to get rid of streaks. It's a pretty cheap option and you can get the stuff at Walgreens for a couple of bucks. (Plus, it's a great toner to use to balance the skin). Be warned, however, the stuff is kind of stinky!
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That's the worse! Well I've tried lemon, and baking soda also works to lighten up the streaks. Also, if it's on your face, I've used toner before. Hope this helps you out. Next time, mix sunless tanner and your body moisturizer together. That's what helps prevent streaks for me.
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You can try mixing some lemon juice with water when you're in the shower. Also, exfoliate your skin really well in the areas that are streaked. I've also heard the dry baking soda rubbed on damp skin can help to even out your streaks! Hope this helps!
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