how to take care of your skin

How to take care of your skin

cause i have an acne i want to erase it
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It's really all about getting on a skincare regimen and sticking to it. Do you wash your face every morning and night? Also, is your cleanser strong enough to get all of your makeup off?
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There's a combany called Origins and the have a great line of face washes and moisturizers you'd just have to figure out which washes are right for you. I would suggest their face wash called checks and balances and balances the oil levels in your skin for a smooth complection.
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I would recommend you make an appointment for an acne facial with an esthetician in your area. She can do a proper skin analysis under a skin scope and make some recommendations for products that would be suitable for you. Never try to pick at it yourself, you will end up with scarring.
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A lot of people like ProActive and have had great results. Also little things that make a huge difference too with Acne and oily skin.
Washing your face every night.
Change you Pillow case weekly (oils and bacteria transfer on there are night.
Making sure if you use make up brushes that they are cleaned on a constant basis with a brush cleaner.
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Can you tell us your current skincare regimen and what you are using now? ProActive is one of the best lines for acne-prone skin. Clearasil also works but can be a bit drying. Neutrogena makes a Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash that is good for acne too.
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Well, I HATE acne. Haha I use Garnier 3 in 1 facial scrub. It works! But you have to be patient. It might take up to a week before you see results. Hope This Helps! :)
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