how to minimize the pores

How to minimize the pores

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Clean your skin with a mild, all-natural soap. Cleansers with oatmeal, goat milk or cucumber are recommended for clearing pores.Exfoliate the skin with an all-natural scrub. Whether you make your own or buy one, some good choices for exfoliating include ingredients such as sugar, whole oats or strawberry seeds. These items have a gritty texture that works well for removing dull, dead skin cells. Look for these and other exfoliants in natural skin care products or homemade product recipes.Use an all-natural toner to deep clean your pores. Avoid products that contain alcohol or peroxide because these can dry your skin.Drink plenty of water every day. Hydrated skin not only has a more healthy appearance, but also assists in healing itself.Apply ice directly to your skin for a quick fix. The cold will naturally shrink your pores temporarily and allow you time to apply make-up or sunblock without it getting deep into the pores and causing them to clog. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse away any make-up or sunblock as soon as you can. Hope this helps!
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