how to make skin smooth and healthy ?

How to make skin smooth and healthy ?

my skin always looks really tired like i haven't had a good sleep ,also its always dry ! so i thought someone could tell me a product i could use, or a face mask i could make.
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wash ya face reguarly and lotionised with no perfumed cream !
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Have you tried aspirin face masks? They work really well for me for brightening and freshening up the skin. I use two crushed aspirins (no coating), mix it with a bit of olive oil and leave it on my face for about 20 minutes. Wash it off and your skin will feel really great :)
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Try's supposed to help get rid of any dead skin on the surface and bring up the healthy, new skin underneath. I really like the one from St. Ives!
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Cetaphil. It's in a white bottle with a blue lid and has some green on it as well--it's for all skin types. There's a bottle of the yogurt-looking stuff, it's circular, and it's amazing. I suggest you use something light to wash off your makeup--I use Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover (Oil-Free), and it does wonders for me. It gets my makeup off swiftly and easily and it doesn't hurt your skin at all. After you wipe off your makeup, then you should use a very easy, simple facewash like Noxzema (the blue bottled one), to get all of the dirty residue out of your pores. Dry your skin well, and after that, put the Cetaphil lotion on and let it soak in. Oh my goodness, Cetaphil is amazing! :)
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Try a moisturizer with SPF, like this one by Olay. I use this one underneath my makeup during the day and I love it. It keeps my skin from getting too dry or damaged by the sun.
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