how to look young and i have eyebag problem

How to look young and i have eyebag problem

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*When putting eye-liner avoid pulling under your eyes as it can create wrinkles.
*Have a simple everyday face regimen that includes a cleanser, moisturizer and maybe toner with an expoliator for twice-weekly usage.
*Remove ALL make-up before going to bed.
*Drink plenty water and get sufficient sleep.
* Use sunscreen when you go out with SPF 15 or more
These helps with both looking younger and bags but specifically for bags I would recommend placing cucumbers over your eyes for 15 minutes as often as you can and dabbing a drop of olive or castor oil under there as well. If this doesn't work, invest in a product specific for bag reduction. Research properly though and don't be afraid to spend money as it is for your own benefit.
I hope I helped :)
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