How to lighten freckles/pigmentation on my body from prolonged exposure to the sun?

I’ve been out in the sun more often recent, and although I put on sunscreen every time, freckles still seem to creep up on my skin at the end of the day. It’s especially obvious on my arms. Is there a safe and effective way to lighten these pigmentations/freckles/spots? Thanks!
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Freckles are super-cute! Do not panic.
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Exfoliate your skin really well a few times per week. For your face, you could try a "spot" corrector such as Clinique or Philosophy Dark Spot Corrector. Clinique also makes a product called Repairwear Laser Focus UV Damage Corrector that is great. I would recommend a moisturizer with a SPF of 30 for your face and 50 for your arms/body. Microdermabrasion is great for minimizing the appearance of spots too.
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lemon juice ,wash your face iwth warm water then scrub lemon mixed with sugar so it would feel like sand this will get into your pores and clean them out too. leave it in for 10-15 mins then rinse out will with warm or cold water even if it burns a little that means its working,it worked for me :)
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