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How to have a perfect skin?

Well, to have a perfect skin you should now to take care of her. You can do it in five steps:
1. Clean skin.
Clean skin is skin without pimples, acne and blackheads. Your face deserves best, so give it to it. Face gel shouldn't be cheapest in the store, you should buy something like Clean&Clear.
2. Have a good powder.
I use Avon power. And, about powder, you muss pick appropriate shade.
3. Don't touch acne!!!
Let it pass buy it self.
4. Never sleep with make-up on.
Never!!! If you do that you will never have good skin.
5.Use face mask when you go to sleep.
It's not necessary but it could help your skin. If you have greasy skin don't use it. Use cucumber. It's natural and it's fresh.
Follow these steps,and you will have perfect skin.
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